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Hothead by Cal Ripken Jr., Kevin Cowherd , 144 pages, read by Angie, on 09/22/2012

Connor is the hotshot of his baseball team, but he is going through some hard times. His dad has been out of work for months and can’t find a job. And Connor is having a hard time controlling his emotions; he starts through tantrums during games and is close to being kicked off the team.

This entire book felt like an after school special on dealing with families out of work and controlling your temper. It was way too simplistic with little character development or plot. And there was way too much baseball; I think every game had a play by play recap. I think that is going to turn off kids who aren’t into baseball that much. I think there were some good things in this book like Connor’s dad losing his job and the family struggling to get by but everything else just seemed so stereotypical and flat. It seemed like Cal Ripken Jr. was just trying to create the perfect kid and then give him a problem to solve. This is why celebrities shouldn’t write books.

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