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Hide and Seek by Kate Messner, 256 pages, read by Angie, on 02/17/2014

Anna, Henry and Jose are back for another adventure. This time they are headed to Costa Rica to find the legendary Jaguar Cup. The cup was supposed to be on display in Washington, DC, but a fake was in its place. Turns out the cup has been stolen and it is up to the Jaguar Society to find it. The kids are once again on their own with their parents stuck in San Jose. And once again the culprits are right under their noses. It is a race through the jungle with deadly snakes, bullet ants, swinging rope bridges and zip lines. It is a fast paced adventure mystery with lots of twists and turns.

I think Kate Messner writes great mysteries that kids will really enjoy. Anna, Henry and Jose are all smart and creative thinkers. I really liked Sofia and the knowledge of the jungle she brought to the book. I was glad this one didn’t rely as heavily on the stereotypes as the first one. Anna isn’t in junior investigative reporter mode the entire time and Jose’s nose isn’t always stuck in a book. Henry however is still the same video game obsessed kid he was in Capture the Flag. I think once Messner gets him totally fleshed out this series will really take off.

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