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Herald of Death by Kate Kingsbury, 287 pages, read by Tracy, on 11/06/2012

Every Christmas Kate Kingsbury has a new cozy mystery with a holiday theme. The owners of Pennyfoot Hotel, Cecily and Baxter, look forward to the holidays because their hotel is always full of guests. This year a series of murders has scared a few guests away. The Christmas Angel is killing it’s victims and then sticking a gold angel on their foreheads. Also a lock of hair is cut off. The staff are also worried since they don’t want to be the next victim. Cecily has promised her husband that she won’t help the local constable although in the past she has been successful in solving murders. I’ve been reading this series since the beginning so I know all the local characters and staff of the hotel. Room With a Clue is the first book if you like to read a series in order. They are easy to follow and a fun read.


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