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Heist Society by Ally Carter, 287 pages, read by Angie, on 01/04/2013

Katrina Bishop has always lived the life of a thief; it is her family business after all. But she wanted to take a break and conned her way into one of the best schools in the country. Everything was fine until she was pulled back into her old life. It seems her father is accused of stealing five paintings from a really bad guy, Arturo Taccone. And Taccone wants them back. Only problem is her dad didn’t steal the paintings. Kat has to find the paintings and return them to Taccone or else her father and maybe her life will be forfeit. Kat assembles a crack team of some of the best teenage thieves to help her on this job.

This book was just fun to read. Kat and her team are awesome, smart, witty and extremely talented at what they do. The story made me want to travel to Europe (on a private jet of course) and see all the places they went. It also made me more interested in the Nazi theft of art during WWII (the paintings are masterpieces that disappeared during WWII). I’ll definitely keep Ally Carter in mind when I need another fun read.

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  1. MRRL Staff says:

    I read this, and found the tale just a little too slick.