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Hammered by Kevin Hearne, 326 pages, read by Tammy, on 12/30/2012

Book 3 of the Iron Druid series. Not my favorite of the stories so far. Very little time was spent with Oberon or the widow next door, so less humor in this book than the first two. Despite warnings from two other deities about dire consequences if he continues on his current path, Atticus keeps his word to Leif, his vampire lawyer, to transport Leif and several others to Asgard. Leif and his friends want to kill Thor (yes, Thor the Norse god of thunder)for crimes he commented against them. Each member of the traveling party tells the story of why he is on this revenge quest to the rest of the group and a lot is learned about each one, but especially Leif.

Will Leif get his revenge? Will any of Atticus’ party survive the journey?

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