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Global Frequency by Warren Ellis, 288 pages, read by Courtney, on 12/15/2013

Are you on the global frequency? If so, you’re one of 1001 agents scattered across the globe. Each one of the members has a skill set, everything from technology to Parkour, that drew the attention of the enigmatic Miranda Zero, the spokeswoman/leader of the Global Frequency. If you’ve been tapped by Miranda Zero, you may find yourself called in by her central operations operator, Aleph. Aleph will keep you connected with your new comrades and together, you will all mount incredible rescue missions of the top secret variety, the sort that’s too difficult for more conventional organizations. Being on the frequency is both an honor and a risk.
In trademark Ellis style, this comic is simultaneously original, exciting and thought-provoking. It’s a short series, so it’s all nicely collected in one volume. Each comic is a different rescue operation featuring different characters. Technically, the comics can be read in any order and still not diminish one’s understanding of the series.

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