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Gift of Magic by Lynn Kurland, 320 pages, read by Kira, on 04/01/2013

gift of magic

In the conclusion, the third book in this 2nd trilogy of the Nine Kingdoms, Sarah and Ruith battle their way past an astounding number of evil-doers.  Sarah always retains this mousy-ness about her.  Ruith thinks she’s oh so courageous, but she’s always hesitant, but insistent.  I wonder if the author knew what she was going to do with all the various characters, some of the key players were introduced for the very first time in the second book of the trilogy. I much preferred the charismatic Morgan woman-warrior.  Well I hope the 2nd book the the 3rd trilogy is as good as the 1st title in the 3rd trilogy, whenever it comes out.

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