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Genie Wishes by Elisabeth Dahl, 288 pages, read by Angie, on 09/27/2013

Genie has become the class blogger. Her blog has to be about wishes, hopes and dreams. Genie finds that she is a pretty decent blogger and really enjoys it. School isn’t nearly as fun as blogging though. Her best friend Sarah seems to have changed over the summer. She met Blair at summer camp and now Blair is going to school with them. All they seem to care about is make-up and boys and each other. Genie is feeling left out and left behind. But she starts making friends with some of the other 5th grade girls and realizes she has more in common with them then Sarah and Blair.

I like this story and I think girls are going to like it as well. I do think it is maybe geared towards younger girls even with the 5th grade characters. I wish there was more resolution between Sarah and Genie at the end of the book, but the lack of it does make it seem more realistic. Sometimes friends just grow apart. We have different friends for different parts of our lives. It isn’t always easy to make that change, but our new friends are usually good fits and make us happier than our old. I think that is a good message for kids.

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