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Gated by Amy Christine Parker, 352 pages, read by Angie, on 07/31/2013

Lyla has lived in Mandrodage Meadows for 10 years. Her family moved there after the disappearance of her sister Karen. Mandrodage Meadows is a gated community of faithful followers of Prophet. Prophet believes the end of the world is near and only those chosen by the Brethen will survive. He is preparing his followers for the end. They are stocking up on supplies and weapons and have built a huge underground silo for themselves to live in. Lyla believes in the community and prophet. But she is tempted one day when the sheriff arrives and she has to give a tour to his son. Even though she is betrothed to Will, thoughts of Cole stay with her. She starts to question life in the community and Prophet, an act that leads to tragedy.

This was an interesting look at life in a commune with a charismatic leader. On the surface everything looks wonderful, but underneath is a different story. Prophet is not who he seems and his prophecy is hogwash. The book never really explains his prophecy or how he came up with it. I like Lyla’s growth throughout the book as she started thinking for herself and thinking period. This was a very fast-paced book and a fun one to read.

I got a copy of this book from the publisher on Netgalley.com.

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