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From Ashes by Molly McAdams, 416 pages, read by Nikki, on 12/21/2012

Cassidy and her best friend Tyler decide they are going to leave California to stay with Tyler’s cousin Gage in Texas while Tyler attends college. One week before Cassidy turns 18 Tyler sneaks in her room, packs her things and takes her away from her abusive home to Texas with him. There Cassidy meets Gage, Tylers cousin. Cassidy is instantly taken by Gage, but Tyler keeps telling her Gage doesn’t want her there.

Gage is excited his cousin is coming to live with him and go to college with him. When Tyler asks him if he can bring is friend Cassidy, he doesn’t mind. Once Gage meets Cassidy the first day, he thinks she’s the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen and desperately wants her to be his. Only Tyler keeps telling Gage that Cassidy and him are dating and she’s off limits.

For what seems like forever, Gage and Cassidy down play their affections for eachother until they finally realize the truth, and see that Tyler has been lying to both of them.

Ugh! This book was just as frustrating as Thoughtless. I don’t know why I keep reading these frustrating books, but I do! And I love them, and I can’t stop reading them, no matter how frustrated I get. It’s definitely a love hate relationship with books like these. But more love than hate I suppose.

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