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Freedom! by Martin H. Greenberg & Mark Tier (editors), 516 pages, read by Russell, on 07/14/2013

Freedom book cover      This book is a compilation of two previous anthologies: “Give Me Liberty” and “Visions of Liberty,” containing 17 short stories in total. They contain a mixture of old classics by renowned science fiction writers, and newer stories with the same theme: the pursuit of freedom and liberty in the near and distant future, both on Earth and in outer space.  The stories tend towards a libertarian or anarchist outlook, though are not limited to those philosophies.  Some of the stories show how a truly free and cooperative society could operate, and these speculations, though not always practical in the real world, are intriguing.  Other stories show how a “primitive” society could successfully resist a large Empire.

Most of these stories were new to me, though several of them (“And Then There Were None” by Eric Frank Russell, and “The Weapon Shop” by A.E. van Vogt) are old favorites and are some of my favorite stories of all time.  The quality of the stories in this collection is consistently high, and other featured authors include Lloyd Biggle, Jr., Vernor Vinge, Murray Leinster, Frank Herbert, Robert Sawyer, Michael Stackpole, Jack Williamson, and James P. Hogan.  I highly recommend this collection!

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