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Freaky Fast Frankie Joe by Lutricia Clifton, 248 pages, read by Kristin, on 10/12/2013

Frankie Joe finds himself in a tough situation.  His mother is in jail and his father just packed him up and moved him halfway across the country to live with his step-mom and 4 half-brothers.  Frankie Joe seems to think that he’s never quite good enough in his new family’s eyes and his new “brothers” dislike him, especially the oldest.  He devises a way to earn money by starting a delivery service so he can finance his way back to his mom and his friends in Texas.  Before he has a chance to put his plan into action, he realizes that maybe this place isn’t so bad after all.

I enjoyed this book.  It’s easy to read and feel sympathy for Frankie Joe.  He is placed in a situation that kids may find themselves in (hopefully not because one parent is in jail, but moving in with a parent that they may not have had contact with previously).  Frankie Joe goes through the grief process in dealing with the loss of his mother and eventually realizes that his new situation is for the best.

I think a lot of kids would identify with Frankie Joe and would enjoy the book.


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