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Flight behavior : a novel by Barbara Kingsolver., 436 pages, read by Kira, on 08/03/2013

Barbarflight bwaviora Kingsolver presents an engaging story of a young woman named Delarobia stuck in a hopeless marriage in rural Tenessee.  By getting us to identify with the rural protagonist (or at least see the world through her eyes)  Kingsolver challenges our stereotypes of rural Americans.  By focusing on the plight of the Monarch butterflies, Kingsolver addresses global climate flight beavrioschange (climate weirding) as well asflight behav issues of rural poverty.Kingsolver-photo1  I loved the way she wove together several themes, that all tied together, the sheep, the kinship ties, the weather, web 2.0 the butterflies, etc.

I also LOVED the medium twists and surprises.  I highly recommend this title!

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