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Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James, 514 pages, read by Angie, on 06/09/2012

So I finally caved and read the book everyone seems to be talking about. As I started it I have to say I was not impressed. The writing was average, the characters were unlikable and I wasn’t really into the storyline. After I finished it I liked it a bit more but the writing is still average and the characters are still unlikable. But the story does kind of suck you in; I immediately read the rest of the trilogy. Basically this is just one big book broken up into three. And it is kind of a compelling romance, but it could have been better written. These are supposed to be American characters but they used a lot of language that sounded British (EL James is British). So she definitely needs to work on her language skills. And the characters even at the end of book 3 still are not that likable…they are just too messed up to be really enjoyed.

Ana is a young college student who meets Christian, a very wealthy business man. They have an instant connects but he has different tastes (and she is a virgin). He is into the whole dominant/submissive roles and likes a little pain with his pleasure. She really wants to play but doesn’t want a lot of pain. There are a lot of back and forths in this relationship. Are they going to get together? Can she be submissive? Will it work? Is he just too messed up for her? Can he give her more like she wants?

The first book deals with Ana and Christian starting their relationship and ends abruptly with them breaking up. In between there is a lot of sex. I would say that about a third of this book is sex. And for a book that is supposed to be all about BDSM there is a lot of “vanilla” sex. I was expecting to be really educated and have to admit to being just a bit disappointed. Sure there are bondage scenes but not a lot of truly kinky stuff happens in these books. I was frankly expecting more.
So I have been thinking more about these books and I just had to rereview them. I found out that they are based on Twilight fan fiction and thinking of them in that light totally makes sense. These characters are very much in the Bella/Edward line. They are desperate for each other but horrible for each other. They have terrible, needy personalities so in that way they are perfect for each other. This book is so unrealistic that it is unbelievable. I have read science fiction/fantasy that I find more believable. I can’t believe that anyone would really act like these characters or put up with the crap that goes on in these books. I also can’t believe how popular this series is. Seriously! They are bad and not worth the money.

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