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Fever by Maya Banks, 416 pages, read by Nikki, on 04/16/2013

Fever-and-Burn-by-Maya-Banks450x338border-2Jace, Ash and Gabe are three of the most wealthiest men. Whatever they want they get. They have been best friends since they were 18 and have created a very successful business together. Jace and Ash share everything, even women. They prefer to have threesomes, them two and one woman. They do everything together. Until Jace and Ash proposition Bethany, a server at Gabe and Mia’s engagement party. Jace is instantly attracted to Bethany and is overcome with jealousy when Ash is touching her. Jace realizes after their threesome that Bethany is different. He doesn’t want anyone else to have Bethany ever. He is determined to make Bethany his, even if it negatively affects his and Ash’s close friendship.

This book was a little disappointing for me. I really liked Rush which is the first book in this trilogy. I hated how Jace felt like he owned Bethany. That he dictated what she wore, where she went, who she talked to. And even more I hated that Bethany wanted and “needed” that. I mean what kind of relationship are you in where your man tells you what to do constantly. As if you’re a toddler and he’s your father. It was disgusting. But that’s just at the beginning of their relationship and things do eventually change…thank God! Now I will impatiently wait for the third book in this series “Rush” and pray that Ash’s story is better than Jace’s.

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