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Feedback by Robison Wells , 356 pages, read by Angie, on 06/22/2013

Variant ended with Benson and Becky escaping the school and running for their lives as their friends died at the fence. Feedback picks up right where Variant left off. Becky is hurt and Benson has found the farm. The farm is populated by students from the school who have doubles (androids). All of these people know what is going on because they can feel what their “double” feels. They choose to hide Becky and Benson, but it has consequences. The farm is overseen by Iceman and Mrs. Vaughn just like the school and everyone with a double also has an implant that can knock them out, cause pain, and kill. Benson is still determined to save everyone and bring down Maxfield even at the expense of others lives.

So everything I enjoyed about Variant is present in this book, but so is everything I disliked. I really enjoy how action packed and entertaining this story is. However, Benson is still a douche who thinks he is doing good for others but is really only thinking about himself. He is one of the most self-motivated characters I have read about in a while. Not only does he put people in danger whilly-nilly, he is also wishy-washy in the girl department. I really did not need the love triangle of Becky, Benson and Lily. As the big reveal in Variant left me scratching my head, this one is even worse. Not surprising as I kind of guessed it was going that direction after we got the Maxfield history, but still a bit of a copout.

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