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Fateful by Claudia Gray, 336 pages, read by Angie, on 02/12/2012

Werewolves on the Titanic…seriously that was all I needed to hear to be sold on this book. And for the most part it delivered. There is a lot going on in this book. You have the drama of the Titanic story…we all know it is going to sink but how is that going to be brought into the story. You have a lot of Upstairs/Downstairs drama going on with the first/third class passengers. And then you have the werewolves and the Brotherhood.

First I will say that I thought the Titanic bit of the plot was seamlessly woven into the story. It didn’t feel forced into the plot like I was afraid it might. Sure Gray took a few liberties with characters but that was expected and worked ok. I thought she did a great job with historical accuracy and really made the voyage come alive.

The Upstairs/Downstairs plot works for the most part. It does show the differences between the first and third class passengers and their lifestyles. However, I thought the secondary characters were fairly one-note especially the family Tess works for. They don’t really seem to have much in the way of full personalities and a lot of the scenes with the family were pretty repetitive. The one shining star was Tess’s roommate Myriam who does have a bit more personality than the other characters.

Then you have the werewolves…and I did like this part of the story. Alec was a great character; he was nicely conflicted and torn about his condition and very well written. Mikhail was a wonderful bad guy; one of those bad guys you really like to hate. I liked the Brotherhood storyline. I thought it was unique and really brought the whole werewolf plot together. Alec and Tess’s romance was ok as well. I don’t think it was stellar, but at least it was believable; a little rushed maybe but the voyage only lasted so long.

My only real beef with the book was the ending…really hated the ending. I get that Gray wanted a happy ending, but seriously! I thought it went way beyond believable. She could have done so many other things. The ending is the last thing you read so when it is crap it does kind of spoil the impression of the rest of the book. So the first 312 pages were great…last 15 I could have done without.

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