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Falling In by Frances O'Roark Dowell, 245 pages, read by Janet, on 08/07/2013

Falling In   Isabelle Bean was not really interested in schoolwork as this story begins, gets in trouble, and sent to the principal’s office.  However, she stopped to help a wounded boy to the nurses’s office first, which is where interesting things begin to happen.  She “dropped in” to another time period, where she was at first thought to be a witch by some children at a camp where she landed.  She escaped them and walked through the woods until she met an old lady who lived there.  This lady, Grete, taught Isabelle and the girl who followed her, Hen, many medicinal uses for the plants around them.

The girls went back to the children’s camp and found most of them very ill.  Using the knowledge of plants they had learned from Grete, they began to heal them.  Needing more help, Samantha headed back to Grete, but found her dying from a poisonous plant she had been fed accidently.

Some children from camp followed the girls and wanted to kill the “witch” but were talked out of it by Isabelle.  They learned Grete’s advice had saved the children’s lives.  All ended well and Elizabeth was going to try to bring her mother to meet Greta, her own mother.

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