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Exposed by Kimbery Marcus, 255 pages, read by Courtney, on 09/22/2012

Liz has been friends-forever with Kate for as long as she can remember. Liz is a gifted photographer and Kate is a gifted dancer. One night during a sleep-over, Liz and Kate get into a fight and Liz leaves Kate to sleep alone on the couch. In the following days, Kate becomes increasingly distant and refuses to tell Liz why. The gossip mill produces a rumor that Kate messed around with Liz’s brother who is visiting from college. When Liz confronts Kate, she realizes that there’s an entirely different side to the story and Liz has no idea who to believe. Her focus, as such, has become severely blurred.
Written in prose, this is a fast-moving book that forces the reader to try and discern just who is telling the truth and what that truth means for the people involved. A good pick for reluctant readers.

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