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Explosive 18 by Janet Evanovich, 305 pages, read by Leslie, on 01/15/2012

Explosive Eighteen (Stephanie Plum, #18)

Bounty hunter Stephanie Plum’s life is set to blow sky high when international murder hits dangerously close to home, in this dynamite novel by Janet Evanovich.


I just love the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich, I laugh through practically the whole book, no matter which one I read.  I thought this book was much better than the previous one, although it did pick up on a sort of cliff hanger note.  Although I can’t imagine any of these things (except maybe cars occasionally blowing up) happening to anyone on a regular basis in that line of work.  I have to say she really isn’t a good bounty hunter, but her luck, which is usually unlucky, seems to come together for her with help from her friends.  A great fun-to-read, no brain needed book.

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