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Exploring Historic Jefferson City by Gary R. Kremer, 137 pages, read by Janet, on 07/30/2012

I wanted to find out more about the city where i am living and working, and Gary Kremer has covered this very well.  He breaks it into 7 Tours around town (mostly meant for walking, with time and distance covered) and the seven cemeteries.  He mentions items in the past that are now different and why they changed.  He describes the different styles and materials of many buildings and the nationalities and special people who lived there.  Many time special activities that have taken place in an area are also mentioned.  Many items we wouldn’t know about are described, such as the house that had a turntable in the garage so the owner wouldn’t have to back out onto a busy street.  Architects are usually named and large changes that have taken place since the building was erected.  This is an excellent tour of Jefferson City that I would recommend to anyone.

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