15. April 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Fiction, Melody H, Paranormal, Teen Books

Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes, 329 pages, read by Melody, on 04/14/2012

Strange, strange book.  The title Every Other Day refers to that on one day, Kali is a normal teen-age girl and on the next day she is an invincible hunting machine with poison blood and supernatural skills.  On those days, she hunts down hellhounds, demons, and other monsters.  Interesting premise that works well sometimes.  I enjoyed most her days when she is just a girl trying to navigate high school which is as scary to her as anything that goes bump in the  night.  The book loses cohesion as Kali tries to find out what she really is and fight off an evil corporation with nefarious aims.  Where are all the good companies who aren’t conducting genetic experiments in the basement with an army of henchmen?  I guess profit sharing and retirement plans are not very exciting. 

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