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Every Other Day by Jennifer Lynn Barnes , 329 pages, read by Angie, on 08/18/2012

Every other day Kali becomes something else. One day she is a human teenager with all the issues and problems that involves; the next day she is an indestructible hunter of all the supernatural baddies out there. In Kali’s world, Darwin’s trip on the Beagle not only helped us understand evolution but it also revealed that there are many other types of beings in our world. Things like hellhounds, zombies, chupacabras all exist to be studied and protected.

One day when Kali is human she notices that mean-girl Bethany has the mark of the chupacabra on her. Kali convinces the beastie to transfer to her body believing that it will die when she turns the next morning. However, things don’t work like she plans and the chupacabra actually makes her stronger and gives her a connection to another of her kind, Zev. It seems that chupacabras come in matched pairs and they form a connection between their hosts. Kali and her gang (Bethany and Skylar who is kind of psychic) must fight the evil corporation that is infecting innocent people with supernatural beings and rescue Zev.

The entire time I was reading this book I was getting a Buffy the Vampire Slayer vibe. Kali has supernatural powers and fights bad things. Her scooby gang has a psychic, a snarky popular girl and a reluctant boy just tagging along. I loved the interactions between these teens. The dialog is witty and fast-paced. I have to admit that Kali’s inner dialog got old and repetitive after a while but the rest of the story made up for it. I really enjoyed the revelations about Kali and her beginnings and the resolution at the end. But there are some unanswered questions and some things could have been explained in a little more detail (like Zev’s connection). Overall, I really enjoyed this book and will be looking for more from Barnes.

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