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Everneath by Brodi Ashton, 370 pages, read by Courtney, on 03/18/2012

I read a ton of reviews pertaining to this one and most of them were very positive, so I was pretty excited to pick this one up. I always have to begin reading with the knowledge that hype does not necessarily equal a book I will enjoy. That being said, I wound up with very mixed feelings about Everneath.
This is ostensibly a modernized retelling of the Persephone myth. Nikki Bennett is returning from a 6 month stay in the Everneath (not the Underworld or Hell, but more of a strange sort of purgatory) where she has been fed off of by the Everliving. She was lured there by a fellow named Cole and she wasn’t supposed to return. But she did, mainly because of her love for her boyfriend, Jack. Now that she’s on the surface, she’s got 6 months to figure out a loophole or she’s headed back to the Everneath either as a queen or a living battery to feed the Tunnels.
So I liked the concept and the book was extremely fast-paced. I never really found myself bored, but I did find myself frustrated with the main character. And really, it’s probably more of a personal thing for me. It just bothered me that Nikki’s reason for returning centered around her boyfriend. Don’t get me wrong, theirs is a sweet relationship. I just hate to see the “true love” trope being used in so many teen books. I really wanted there to be more that Nikki would want to live for than her boyfriend. Maybe herself? Her family (she mentions a little brother a few times)? Would that be too much to ask? But no, it’s a romance and those looking for their next paranormal romantic fix will definitely enjoy this one.

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