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Eve and Adam by Micheal Grant and Katherine Applegate, 291 pages, read by Courtney, on 12/17/2012

Eve Spiker has just been hit by a truck. Her leg is nearly severed and her arm is crushed. Her mother whisks her out of the county hospital to move Eve to the family’s biotech facility where Eve will, ostensibly, heal better. A few blurry days later, Eve is surprised to find that not only is her leg intact, it doesn’t really even hurt anymore. To bide the time while Eve is recuperating, her mother gives her a task that involves testing the facility’s new genetic manipulation computer program. It’s set up like a game or puzzle and every component of the human is able to be controlled by the creator. Eve begins to build the perfect (simulated) boy.
In the meantime, a boy around Eve’s age, Solo, has been living in the biotech facility and planning its downfall. Solo knows as much or more about the facility that its own creators, which means he knows not only all the good they are capable of, but all the bad as well. His plans seemed so straightforward before meeting Eve…Both of them are about to discover that Spiker Biotech has more secrets than anyone could have dreamed possible.
And then there’s Adam; a further complication for all parties involved.
Fast-paced and humorous, Eve and Adam is an entertaining and occasionally thought-provoking novel about what makes us human, right down to our DNA.

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