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Eona: The Last Dragoneye (Eon, #2) by Alison Goodman , 637 pages, read by Angie, on 01/21/2012

Eona is a fitting end to this set of books. In this book Eona continues her quest to merge with her dragon and find a way to help Kygo restore his kingdom. Unfortunately she needs Ido’s help to train her in the ways of connecting with her dragon and using her power. This leads to a magnificent struggle between the two men over Eona and causes a struggle within Eona herself. I love a book that asks questions, truly deep questions about what is right and wrong, when do you go too far, how should you choose between dark and light, between good and evil? This book asks all those questions of Eona. She is not always an easy person to like. She keeps secrets, she waffles between doing right and wrong, she doesn’t always make the right decisions. But you want to cheer for her, you want to see her come out on the good side in the end. Her struggle is heartbreaking at times but it seems so real as well. She is caught up in a fight that she did not choose, a fight that started 500 years ago and is finally coming to its conclusion. I have to admit that the conclusion is not the one I thought it would be but it was magnificent. Goodman can definitely write a gripping ending that will keep you on the edge of you seat.

I love the characters of this series. They are so well written that you feel like you know them. When one of them betrays the group you feel like you are betrayed. When one makes a wrong decision you feel like you are hurt with the rest of the group. When one dies you want to weep with the rest. That is the mark of a great writer when they can suck you into the story like that. I also love the world Goodman has built in the series. She developed it so well in Eon and continued it here in Eona. It is a mix of ancient Eastern culture and philosophy and Goodman’s own imagination and it all works. I love the dragon twist at the end (which I am not going to give away). It is a wonderful world.

As for the love triangle. I can see how it developed. Eona is torn between the dark and the light throughout this book. Ido and Kygo represent those sides. They are the yen and yang; good and evil. They are pulling her in opposite direction and she is torn between the two. That is all part of the heart of this book. Trying to learn who you are, finding the heart of yourself, choosing your true path. The two men represent her struggle in a real way. Though it can be argued that Kygo isn’t true good I know since he does ask her to do some not so good things I am going to stand by that he is the good in this triangle.

I really enjoyed this series and would definitely recommend it.

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