29. March 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Fiction, Graphic Novel, Melody H

Empire State by Jason Shiga, 144 pages, read by Melody, on 03/27/2012

“Angst ridden” is the best word to describe Empire State.  Jimmy lives a life in stasis, he lives with his mother, loves his friend but can’t tell her, dreams of moving, doing, being, but never seems to.  But when his friend moves to New York, he writes her and profess her love and asks her to meet him on the Empire State Building as a nod to a long running discussion of theirs about Sleepless in SeattleEmpire State reminded me of a Woody Allen film, lots of talking but very little action.  Even when Jimmy does break out of his stuporous life, still nothing really happens.  Very irritating. 

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