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Dreamspinner by Lynn Kurland, 384 pages, read by Kira, on 02/11/2013

dreamspinner A fine fantasy adventure with some romance (but Not the totally stupid romance).  Aishling escapes her life as an indentured servant/slave of weaving from dawn till dusk and is sent out into the larger world to retrieve a hero that will rescue her little kingdom and restore the proper monarchy.  Along the way, she discovers her own magical talents (which she initially disdains as just myths – though magic is well-known throughout the 9 kingdoms).  Kurland provides small mysteries, that continually propel the story forward.

This tale is set in Kurlands Nine Kingdoms series of novels.  You might want to start with the first one “Star of the Morning” which focuses on the sister Morgain of this novel’s male interest Runach.  Also, this book merely sets up the coming adventure (kinda like the movie the Hobbit) and will be finished in another 1 or 2 books (to make either a duology or a trilogy).9 king map

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