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Drawing from Memory by Allen Say, 72 pages, read by Angie, on 03/29/2012

This is a wonderful autobiography/picture book/graphic book of Allen Say. It covers his life from young child until he leave Japan as a teenager. The book is full of Say’s drawings, photographs, cartoons from Say and his sensei Nori Shinpei, and snippets from his life along with text describing what is going on. Say’s young life was filled with more than you can imagine. His father abandons him and basically turns his back on him because he wants to be an artist. His mother sends him to live with his grandmother who really doesn’t want him. So he moves into his own apartment at the age of 12! Then he becomes the apprentice to the famous cartoonist Shinpei. This book really gets you into the life of Say in just a few words. The pictures paint you into his world and show you the loneliness he felt but also the joy in discovering his life’s work. The mix of art is woven through the story and helps tell the tale. It really is a brilliant book about a wonderful artist.

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