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Drama by Raina Telgemeier, 240 pages, read by Angie, on 06/27/2013

Raina Telgemeier is becoming one of my favorite middle grade authors. I adored Smile and think Drama is a wonderful follow-up. In Drama, Callie is a 7th grade girl going through normal middle school stuff. She is a theater geek who likes life behind the scenes working on the sets. She has a wonderfully diverse group of friends and as all middle schoolers experience…there is drama, drama, drama. Callie is worried/noticing boys, wondering who she likes and who likes her. Others around her are experiencing relationship drama as well. I love how this story takes place over the course of the play production, from inception to wrap party. I especially love Telgemeier’s treatment of homosexuality in this book. Middle school is where some kids start questioning their sexuality and wondering who they are supposed to be with. They may have feelings they don’t understand or can’t deal with. In Drama, there are two boys, one admittedly gay and one just coming out. Telgemeier deals with them in a very positive way, in a way that makes everything seem normal and alright (which it completely is). In her world, there are no differences between being gay and straight; your friends still support and love you; your parents might have issues with it, but they still love you as well and want the best for you. I think this book has an extremely welcome and positive message and is a great read for upper elementary/middle school students.

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