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Dragonswood by Janet Lee Carey , 407 pages, read by Angie, on 03/23/2013

Tess has lived her entire life outside of Dragonswood. She has endured an abusive father and the deaths of her sisters and brothers. Tess has always been drawn to Dragonswood, the sanctuary for fey and dragons on Wilde Isle. This pull gets her in trouble when Lady Adele comes to town looking for witches. Tess is accused and tortured. During torture she names her two best friends, Poppy and Meg. Tess escapes and brings Poppy and Meg with her into hiding. They travel the isle disguised as lepers until they find sanctuary with Garth, a huntsman and keeper of Dragonswood. Garth is mysterious and Tess is drawn to him. Poppy and Tess are both drawn to Dragonswood and eventually find themselves with Fey.

There is a prophecy regarding human, dragon and fey. The blending of the three will bring about a new time. They believe the prophecy refers to the current prince and a half-fey girl. The royal family, the Pendragons, are descendants of dragons, each bearing scales as the mark of their heritage. The fey want to entice Prince Arden to marry one of the half-fey girls and bring about the prophecy.

This is a lovely historical fantasy novel. Janet Lee Carey writes beautifully and makes Wilde Isle and Dragonswood come to life. I love the mix of fiction and myth with the inclusion of parts of the Arthur story and Merlin. I assume that Wilde Isle is an island off England, but independent of that country. Tess is an interesting character. She doesn’t seem like she would be historically accurate, way to independent minded, but she is brave and smart and fallible. I admire the fact that she isn’t a perfect heroine. She betrays her friends, she makes judgments about people and situations, but she always tries to do what is right. I also like the relationship between Garth and Tess. You knew there was something mysterious about him and I enjoyed the way his secret came out. This is a fun book and I will definitely be checking out the other book in this series, Dragon’s Keep.

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