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Dormia by Jake Halpern, 528 pages, read by Angie, on 08/04/2012

Alfonso walks in his sleep and climbs trees and does amazing things. He never knows where he is going to wake up. One day a man shows up at Alfonso’s home in World’s End, Minnesota claiming to be his long lost uncle Hill. Hill tells Alfonso that he comes from a people who lives deep in the Ural Mountains in a place called Dormia. In Dormia everyone does things in their sleep. And they are all dependent on the Founding Tree to survive. The Founding Tree is dying and Alfonso just happens to have grown its replacement. They must get the tree to Dormia before the original dies or else. Alfonso and Hill embark on a trip around the world to save Dormia. Along the way they team up with a longshoreman named Bilblox and a slave girl named Resuza. Along the way they meet smugglers and pirates, Dormia’s enemy the Dragoonye and many other strange characters. But they need all the help they can get to find a hidden city deep in the mountains.

Dormia was a great adventure novel with lots of action, suspense and drama. I like the mythology of Dormia and its sleepers; it was different and entertaining. Alfonso is a great character and I liked that we weren’t always sure about the motivations of all the other characters. Who will betray the group? Who has ulterior motives? I like the suspense of not knowing what is going to happen until it happens. I think I will probably have to read the sequel…World’s End.

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