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Divergent by Veronica Roth, 525 pages, read by Andrea, on 08/20/2012

Oh my, what a great book. A really fast read and very memorable characters. I fell in love with Beatrice, the star of the book, immediately. Beatrice was born into the Abnegation faction, where each member is expected to be selfless and think of others’ needs before his or her own. At 16 years old, citizens of what seems to be a dystopian version of Chicago are able to decide to keep with the faction they were born into or turn to another one. Beatrice, believing she does not fit into the Abnegation faction, is torn between putting her family first or embracing a faction more suited to her personality. She goes through a kind of “graduation test,” which determines what the best faction is for 16 year olds. Although her test results are inconclusive (which makes her Divergent according to members of the factions), she decides to go with Dauntless, the faction in charge of security and law enforcement. All Beatrice is able to get from her test results is she could not be honest at all times (Candor), she is not completely enthralled with learning a ton of stuff every day(Erudite), and being nice and happy 24/7 is not for her (Amnity). To top off being a Dauntless initiate, which is most definitely not easy, Beatrice also has to deal with a few bullies. On a lighter note, for readers who like romance, she has a cute relationship with Four, a top Dauntless initiate from a few years back. Looking forward to reading the second one, as this one left me hanging and begging for more.

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