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Delusion by Laura L. Sullivan, 352 pages, read by Courtney, on 05/19/2013

Twin sisters Fee and Phil Albion have been performers their entire lives. The family legacy is that of magic shows and illusions. Now, the time has come for the sisters to unveil their biggest illusion in front of an audience at the House of Delusion. All goes well until the Germans begin bombing London in what is now known as the London Blitz. The family and theatre are relatively unharmed, but the girls are sent to the countryside for their safety. This is fine for Fee, who hates any sort of violence and relishes the idea of reading her Austen in a more pastoral setting. Phil, on the other hand, is furious that she is going to have to be too far away to help in the war effort. Their parents are on their own mission to do their part for England, but Fee and Phil are technically still too young to take an active role in the homefront efforts. The village the girls are sent to is so remote that the government hasn’t even gotten around to rationing or performing air raid drills. Phil immediately sees an opportunity to labor on behalf of her country and attempts to cobble together a makeshift home defense unit. In the process of exploring the area, Phil stumbles upon something entirely unexpected: a magic school in the middle of nowhere. And not the illusion-based “magic” that the Albion family practices – real magic. What will this discovery mean in the grand scheme of things? Far more than anyone could have ever predicted.
This is a fun and unique take on both history and magic. Phil and Fee are charming characters, though perhaps a bit on the overly earnest side. The plot was a bit predictable at times, but the concept is novel enough to not let that bother me too much. The pacing is fairly brisk and even the more serious moments have a bit of humor to them, making this a great choice for a summer read.

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