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Defy by Sara B. Larson, 336 pages, read by Angie, on 12/27/2013

Alex/Alexa is a girl pretending to be a boy. When her parents are killed her twin brother helps her become a boy so she can avoid being sent to the rape houses. Because in this world little girls are sent to rape houses and raped until the become pregnant so their kids can either become breeders (girls) or soldiers (boys). Alexa has worked her way up to become one of Prince Damien’s personal guards. She is one of the best with a sword and a bow. However, she can’t stop thinking like a girl when she sees Damien’s dreamy abs. The country is at war with Blevin and the king is determined to wipe them out (thus the rape houses). Prince Damien gets kidnapped and takes Alex and another guard Rylan along with him. Turns out he is in with the resistance and wants to take down his dad. Also turns out Alexa is torn between her hot feelings for Damien and her slow burn for Rylan. There are battles, sorcerers and lots of longing looks.

I had issues with this book from the beginning. I have an intense dislike for love triangles, especially love triangles that really have no point and do nothing for the story. I thought this was going to be more of a fantasy adventure book, but it turned into a lot of long paragraphs about how Alexa can’t decide her feelings about Damien and Rylan. Doesn’t matter that Damien lied to her repeatedly throughout the book. He’s dreamy end of story. Rylan is long suffering and loves her from afar. My other issue was Alexa pretending to be a boy. It is a HUGE deal in the beginning of the story. It saves her from the rape houses and she has been doing it for three years. Yet is seems like everyone knew she was a boy and was perfectly fine with it. So what was the big deal.

I love fantasy books that have amazing worlds built into the stories. You feel like you know exactly where and who the people of the world are. That was not the case here. There is a jungle and sorcerers. That is about all I know about this world. It seemed like the story and world building were second to the love triangle. This could have been an amazing book. The premise was fantastic, but it really went no where and was pretty tedious to read.

I received an ARC of this book from Netgalley and from the publisher.

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