20. July 2012 · Comments Off · Categories: Historical Fiction, Mystery, Tracy

Deed of Murder by Cora Harrison, 212 pages, read by Tracy, on 07/20/2012

One man is dead, another missing and one other wounded. If this happened today the police would have a forensic team dusting for prints and DNA. In 1511 Ireland they didn’t have those conveniences, they relied on physical evidence and some collective deduction. Mara who is the local Brehon, judge, is in charge and uses her young law students to find out who and why it happened. A deed is also missing and could be the reason for the crimes. The author gives us some interesting historical law terms at the beginning of each chapter. “On the binding of Deeds of Contract. There are some circumstances which can make a contract be declared invalid. A contract made while drunk ( except in the case of co-ploughing agreements which are valid even if one or all the parties are drunk at the time of signing)”

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