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Daughters of the Witching Hill by Mary Sharratt, 333 pages, read by Tracy, on 08/08/2012

Living in the 1600’s was hard if you were poor. But what if you had the knowledge and power to heal people and animals. Normal people would be grateful for your help and give you food for payment. But what if your supposed healing didn’t always work for the good. Then you were labeled a witch and like most you were sentenced to hang. In this book the main character Bess Southerns has the power and uses it to help others. Her daughter and grandchildren also have inherited these traits. The author based her story on the Lancaster witch trials of 1612. King James I wrote a witch hunters manual that sparked witch hunters everywhere to find those who had satanic powers and hang them. Sadly Bess Southerns was a just a healer and could control her powers while her family didn’t.


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