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Darwen Arkwright and the Peregrine Pact by A.J. Hartley, 448 pages, read by Andrea, on 11/13/2012

After the death of his parents, Darwen Arkwright moves from his home in England to live with his aunt in Atlanta. From the prestigious school he attends to the bullies he must deal with, everything is different than the life he once had. On a shopping trip to the local mall, Darwen meets Mr. Peregrine, owner of Mr. Octavius Peregrine’s Reflectory Emporium: Mirrors Priceless and Perilous. He gives Darwen an old mirror that turns out to be a magical portal into Silbrica, a world that turns out to be full of magical creatures, beautiful scenery and several portals that connect special mirrors on Earth to Silbrica. But, like Earth, life in Silbrica isn’t perfect and Darwen, along with his new friends Alexandra and Rich, finds himself caught up in a dangerous adventure to save both his world and Silbrica.

This fast paced adventure was certainly a page turner, suitable for children and adults alike. It kept me interested to the last page. Although this was A.J. Hartley’s first book for younger readers, I hope it isn’t the last one.

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