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Darkfall (Healing Wars #3) by Janice Hardy, 432 pages, read by Angie, on 03/02/2013

What a fitting ending to this trilogy. I have to admit this is one of the most fun series I have read in a while. I really enjoy the world Hardy has created. It is so rich and detailed and interesting. I am really intrigued the concept of shifting or taking pain from others. I find it fascinating that it can be weaponized. Nya is such a strong, fearless young woman it is hard not to root for her.

Darkfall takes place after the events of The Shifter and Blue Fire. Nya and the rest are hiding out from the Duke. The must go back to Geveg and save their home before the Duke destroys everything in his way to total power. This is a book about war and what happens in a war. People die, people choose sides and people rise to the occasion as heroes. I am glad Hardy represented a war realistically; not everyone is going to survive, some may be hurt beyond help and sometimes you have to do terrible things to survive and defeat the enemy. Nya learns all of these lessons in this book, but despite everything there is hope at the end. Things end on a positive note. I love how strong and confident Nya becomes at the end of this series. She is the hero of the rebellion and she owns it. She reclaims her place in the world and makes no excuses. Definitely a series I would recommend.

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