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Damaged by H.M. Ward, 340 pages, read by Nikki, on 04/17/2013

DamagedSidney has left her life behind for a new life at college in Texas. Nobody knows the horror she lived with, with her ex-boyfriend back home. Her friend is constantly trying to get her to open up and live a little by setting her up on blind dates. On the latest blind date, Sidney decides to try to force herself to have fun and finally let go of her past. But she ends up meeting a man she instantly falls for. Peter who has taken a job at the university is also running away from his past. What neither of them realize is that Peter is soon to be Sidney’s new professor.

This book was mediocre. I felt like I already read this same book twice already. Though some of the scenes in this book were laugh out loud hilarious. The squirrel scene, I could hardly contain my laughter. Which was enjoyable to read. So many of the same books I read are too serious, so it was fun to have a character that was accident prone and constantly embarrassing herself. Of course like many of the other books I read, this one was a cliffhanger, with the second book not out yet. Rather frustrating, but I do this to myself. I liked this book, but what I hated was the fact that Sidney never tried to do more about her abusive ex-boyfriend. Once she got the brush off from her family about him she never considered going to the police. I feel like that’s a bad influence for other women or young adults to read. Of course it’s just a fiction book and for enjoyment, but it worries me that women would find that acceptable.

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