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Crunch by Leslie Connor, 330 pages, read by Angie, on 02/19/2012

What would you do when the world runs out of gas? Ride bikes of course. The Mariss Family Bike Shop is doing a booming business after the Crunch. Of course it doesn’t help that mom and dad are stuck up north where they ran out of gas and Dewey and Lil have to take care of things at home. But they are doing ok. They are running the expanding bike shop, keeping the farm going and watching their little brother and sister. Then things start disappearing from the shop a little bit at a time. And someone is stealing bikes all over town. This is a nice story about a family who comes together during a time of crisis. They act like a family would too; they bicker and fight, but when it really counts they stick together. I thought the kids were really well written and each had their own personalities. You could really tell that Vince didn’t like to be around people but loved working on bikes, that Dewey really wanted to make the business work, that Lil wanted to be an artist and not the parent. I especially loved the thieving neighbor Mr. Spivey. He was a fun character and a real treat to read about. This is a fun read and you will cheer along with all the kids at the end of the book.

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