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Crossed (Matched #2) by Ally Condie, 367 pages, read by Andrea, on 07/30/2012

Cassia and Ky are separated. At the end of Matched, Ky is taken by the Society to the Outer Provinces somewhere. Cassia and her family are transferred from their Borough to a new city outside of Oria. Heartbroken, Cassia decides to find Ky. This book focuses on Cassia’s journey to find Ky and Ky’s journey to find Cassia. Narrated from both characters’ points of view, this book was all about Cassia’s desire to find the Rising, a revolutionary group against the Society, and Ky’s battle to forgive himself and decide how important Cassia really is to her. The love triangle among Cassia, Ky, and Xander is stronger than ever as Ky has a secret about Xander he believes will change Cassia’s choice between the two of them. Ky knows he must decide whether he should let Cassia make her own choice about Xander and him, but doesn’t want to lose her.

I feel like most dystopian novels I’ve been reading lately are about the same things. The Matched series has strongly reminded me of The Silenced by James DeVita.

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