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Cold Cereal by Adam Rex , 432 pages, read by Angie, on 05/07/2013

Scottish Play Doe (Scott) moves to the town of Goodco with his mom. He meets Erno and Emily who’s foster father Mr. Wilson also works for Goodco. Erno and Emily are given tests by Mr. Wilson that they think of as fun games, but in reality are tests for Goodco. Goodco is an evil cereal company who does tests on children, steals magic from mythical creatures, and wants to rule the world. Scott starts seeing the mythical creatures around him after Mick, a clericaun/leprechaun, tries to steal his backpack. Mr. Wilson disappears and Erno, Emily and Scott go on the run from Goodco with Biggs (Erno and Emily’s nanny and a bigfoot). They have to figure out what Goodco is up to and survive.

I loved Adam Rex’s The True Meaning of Smekday. I thought it was hilarious and genius. So I was a little disappointed in Cold Cereal. It was interesting and funny, but it was a little disjointed and strange. I really enjoyed the kids and their story. I didn’t even mind all the mythical creatures like Mick and Harvey, but Goodco was a little much for me. It was kind of funny how unnatural their cereals were (Burlap Krisps anyone) and the fact that they used magic to make everything. I think it lost me when the secret society came into play and then Merlin and the Lady of the Lake arrived. At that point it went from over the top to completely ridiculous.

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