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City of Ravens by Boria Sax, 206 pages, read by Tracy, on 11/22/2012

Every country has it’s historical myths and legends. England has the Tower of London which is know as the Bloody Tower. It’s said that if the ravens leave the Tower Britain will fall. The author of this book did a lot of research about the birds and their relationship with British history. Since they have to clip the ravens wings to keep them from flying away there is no evidence that proves they won’t leave willingly. So for the tourists sake they keep several in cages at night and let them roam the Tower grounds during the day. Since humans are so willing to believe animals and birds are approachable they also have named the Ravens and let the tourists feed them.  Ravens are black so some superstitions say they are evil while others think of them as scavengers helping to keep the streets clean. Most say they are a nuisance but with tourists flocking London every year I doubt they will get rid of them.

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