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Champion by Marie Lu, 369 pages, read by Angie, on 04/27/2014

Champion is the final book in the Legend trilogy and picks up where the second left off. June and Day are now firmly on the side of the Republic. The Colonies are not happy about the bio weapons that were used on them in the past and have started up the war with the Republic in earnest. Day is concerned about his brother Eden and his connections with the plague in the Colonies. The Republic has asked for help from Antarctica since the Colonies are aligned with Africa, but have received no help. It is up to June and Day to save the Republic in any way they can.

I have been getting a bit tired of dystopian books lately, but I really enjoyed this series. Champion definitely wraps everything up nicely. I liked how June and Day’s relationship progressed in this book and while I found Day’s illness heartbreaking, I did like where it took the story. I think the thing I enjoyed most about this series was the fact that it was really about the people. Despite all the dystopian elements it came down to a story about two teenagers and how they made their world a better place.

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