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Lion's Hunger by Ann Turner, read by Brian, on 04/08/2013

Ann Turner has written a Teen poetry book about first love. The poems are like a diary as they follow a young girl as she meets a boy, starts dating him, falls in love and of course, has heart wrenching breakup.


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Night Without Armor by Jewel, read by Brian, on 04/04/2013

When I think of Jewel, recording artist immediately comes to mind.  Writing most of her own music, it seems like a natural transition into poetry.  A Night Without Armor explores Jewel’s personal life, such as, love, family betrayal, divorce and living in Alaska.  Like her music, Jewel has complied a thoughtful and entertaining book of poems.




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Scattered Poems by Jack Kerouac, read by Brian, on 04/07/2013

Scattered Poems by Jack Kerouac is book of poetry Jack wrote on the spur of the moment if you will.  The poems were collected from various underground sources and some of his best and unusual works.  Also included is a poem called , “Pull My Daisy” and the many different versions it was written.


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Finale by Calvin Miller, read by Brian, on 04/07/2013

Finale, is the conclusion to the Singer trilogy, where the Singer battles the World Hater and Terra One is destroyed and Terra Two is born for the new beginning.  The final book follows the book of Revelation.  All three books are very good prose and highly recommended.



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Song by Calvin Miller, read by Brian, on 04/06/2013

The Song, by Calvin Miller, is the sequel to The Singer.  The first book focuses on the Gospels and the Second book is from the Book of Acts and depicts the everyday man and the ridicule he and others receive following the Singer.



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Singer by Calvin Miller, read by Brian, on 04/05/2013

Simply put, Calvin Miller has written an allegorical poem telling the life of Jesus Christ.  This book will stand the test of time and will be used over again in churches and schools.  I’ve read the poem many times and never tire of it.



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Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick, read by Brian, on 03/05/2013

Silver Linings Playbook is a first time novel by Matthew Quick.  The story centers around, Pat, a man who has mental issues [who doesn't], who recently returns home after a lengthy stay at the mental hospital.  Pat thinks his life is like a movie and in the end will reunite with his estranged wife, Nikki.  On his way to recovery, Pat meets Tiffany another odd individual who is dealing with her husband’s death.  This is a story of a mom who loves her son, a dad who is ashamed of her son, family and friends trying to support, the Philadelphia Eagles and two odd individuals trying make their way through life.  The book will make you laugh, cry and become a part of you.

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Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, read by Brian, on 02/25/2013

Charlie is your typical shy teenager.  Entering his Freshman year of High School is difficult for Charlie, like it is for most Freshman.  Charlie trying to find ways to fit in, as two Seniors take him under their wing.  The new friends introduce Charlie to the Rocky Horror Picture Show, drugs, sex and the true meaning of friendship.  In the end, Charlie must deal with his inner demons.


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Forbidden by Kelley Armstrong, read by Brian, on 02/12/2013

Kelley Armstrong has a series of books called the “Otherworld”.  In this series, the reader will encounter all sorts of tales.  I haven’t read them in order and didn’t have a problem following the stories.  In this book, “Forbidden” focuses on three werewolves from the New York area.  Morgan Walsh traveling to New York hoping to join the clan in North America.  When he stops in a small town for rest and food his troubles begin and the leader of the pack, Elena Michaels and Clayton Danvers must come to his rescue.  The small town isn’t what it seems and with a rash of disappearances and wolf tracks in the area the three must unravel the mystery before their pack is exposed.


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Spider-Men by Brian Michael Bendis, read by Brian, on 02/03/2013

Not being a Spider-Man fan, I was reluctant to read Spider-Men but to my surprise, it was quite good.  Spider-Man meets Spider-Man as two universes cross over.  Miles Morales meets older Peter Parker to battle Master of Illusions, Mysterio, for a battle to save both worlds.  How will the two Spider-Mans react to each other?  How will they save the worlds?  There is also a cameo appearance by Nick Fury and the Ultimates.

spider men

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Bitter Blood by Rachel Caine, read by Brian, on 02/01/2013

Rachel Caine has released her 13th book in Morganville Vampire series.  I found every book to be entertaining and suspenseful. Morganville is a small dusty Texas town where humans and vampires coexist, sort of, in a bare minimum way.  In this chapter of the series the town is recovering from the draug, a parasitic enemy of the vampires and humans alike.  Now the draug is gone the vampires feel free to rule the town.  Humans feel they need to take up arms and free themselves from vampire rule.  To add to the mayhem, a television crew come to town to film a ghost hunter show.

With many book series, the longer it goes, the worst it gets and you hope the author will put an end to it.  Rachel Caine has written a series in which you finish a book and can hardly wait until the next one.


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Knight and Squire by Paul Cornell, read by Brian, on 10/01/2012

Have you ever wondered what Batman and Robin would be like British?  Even if you haven’t, this is a good graphic novel for you.  Knight and Squire is about the British version of Batman and Robin and the villains they battle.  In this particular tale, villains and heroes meet at a secret bar to talk about old times.  The bar has a magical barrier which keeps the peace between the foes but what would happen if the magic disappeared……read and find out.

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Fifty Shades of Grey by James, E L, read by Brian, on 10/01/2012

This book has gained so much attention and I’m not sure it should have but no foul, no harm.  Fifty Shades of Grey is the romance story of Anastasia Steele, a college student who studies literature and Christian Grey, a successful businessman, who is witty, charming and very handsome.  Ana, is put on the spot when her roommate falls ill and she has  to interview Mr. Grey for the College newspaper.  Grey is intrigued with her and in a rich guy sort of way stalks Ana until she agrees to date him.  Anastasia is not experienced in the world of sexual encounters and Grey is all too eager to teach.  Eventually, Grey wants Ana to become his Submissive.  Ana is intrigued, frightened and eager to explore her own erotic desires.

The book is not well written, however, many romance novels or many books in general are not well written, yet people love them.  I can see the appeal of the book.  The subject matter is considered taboo and many people may know very little of anything about the Dominant/Submissive relationship.  Being so popular,  allows timid readers a guilt free reason to read the book without worrying about what others may think of them.  Society may say the subject matter is taboo but in real life it is quite common and there is nothing taboo about it.  Overall the book was alright but not great and Mr. Grey is an amateur.

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Singing Over Me by Danielle C. Stammer, read by Brian, on 09/13/2012

On May 22, 2011, an EF-5 Tornado struck Joplin, Missouri destroying much of the community.  Danielle C. Stammer retells her amazing story  as she and her family barely escape, as some call it, “The Finger of God”.  This book will tug at your heart.  You feel for the family as you try to imagine the horror they went through and how they rebuild their lives from not one but two tragedies. I enjoyed the book but miss the detail.  The book seems hurried and not fully thought out.  I’m sure hearing Danielle in person would be a special treat.  The book needed to be written for no other reason then to release the emotional energy trapped inside Stammer.  Danielle and family have relocated to Jefferson City, Missouri.

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Batman Versus Predator by Dave Gibbons, read by Brian, on 09/12/2012

Gotham City is hot this year….one of the hottest years in history, inviting the Predator down to hunt.   Batman vs Predator is one of the better crossover novels as the Cape Crusader must battle the deadly Predator.  The art work is very good.  Gibbons has constructed a tale that is interesting and witty.  Batman must use everything in his arsenal to battle the Predator. 

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ZooBorns Cats! by Andrew Bleiman, read by Brian, on 09/10/2012

Do you like cats?  I mean all type of cats? This is the cutest book in the World displaying cats born in zoos around the World.  There are tons of pictures of cats with all the biographical information and general details about the cat.

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Coraline by Gaiman, Neil, read by Brian, on 09/11/2012

Neil Gaiman is one of the best writers ever and he has written a children’s book called, Coraline.  Coraline is a little girl who doesn’t appreciate her life and parents.  One day she finds a door into a new world where her parents are much nicer and her life is better.  Her new parents want her to stay but there is a catch….read the book and find out what the catch might be.

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Zombies Hate Stuff by Greg Stones, read by Brian, on 08/13/2012

Zombies get a bad wrap.   They sort of have feelings and like every other creature, they should be acknowledge for their feelings.  Zombies hate stuff and not just all stuff, particular stuff, such as, mermaids and archery.  Our flesh eating friends also kind of like certain stuff like mimes and outhouses, so they aren’t just negative creatures.  However, zombies really hate penguins, ninja and of course clowns.  The most important thing to remember is….Zombies love YOU!  I found this book amusing and illustrations funny, if yyou can spare a couple of minutes pick this book up and enjoy.

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Life as I Blow It by Sarah Colonna, read by Brian, on 08/06/2012

Anyone want to read a funny book?  Me too.  Unfortunately, Life as I Blow it, isn’t the funny book I’ve been looking for to cheer me up.  Sarah Colonna, a stand-up comedian from Arkansas who, on her good days can be amusing at best, writes a tale of her short life.  Having a lack of judgement, I thought maybe her book my be funnier then her stand-up.  I was wrong.  The title is a little amusing, doesn’t that count for something?  Granted, Sarah is talking about her mishaps in life, so I should give her break but I won’t because I never gave Chelsea Handler a break, so she won’t get one either.  If you are interested in a person who never really grew up and keeps making the same bad decisions over and over again…then this might be your book.  However, if you want entertainment or an interesting biography, check out my blog.

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American Grown by Michelle Obama, read by Brian, on 07/05/2012

Michelle Obama has written a gardening book that details her adventures in gardening at the White House.  Obama, not only talks about her garden but gardens from the past at the White House.  She also shows us other gardens grown in unusual places to help inspire all of us would be gardeners.  There are designs in the book to show where to plant and how to create a compost.  Anyone who loves gardening will enjoy this book.