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Grumpy Cat by Grumpy Cat, read by Brian, on 10/20/2013

If you decide to read the Grumpy Cat book, you are stupid and no one cares.  This book is filled with unwanted and provoked sarcasm and I love it.  Finally an opponent worthy of my wit.  If you’re not miserable then you are not living your life right.  I hate morning people…I hate mornings and I hate people.   Frankly, I hate this cat.

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Fairest, Vol. 1: Wide Awake by Bill Willingham, read by Brian, on 10/10/2013

I enjoy reading the FABLES graphic novels. These stories have a great balance of humor, action and horror.  Fairest explores the secret past of Sleeping Beauty, Rapunzul, Cinderella, The Snow Queen, Snow White, Thumbelina and others.  Forget Disneys’ Once Upon a Time and read Bill Willingham’s FABLES.



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Divergent by Veronica Roth, read by Brian, on 10/03/2013

divergentDivergent, is Veronica Roth’s first book in a trilogy. Beatrice Prior lives in a dystopian world of Chicago, where society is divided up into five fractions: Candor is the honest people, Abnegation is the selfless, Dauntless is the brave, Amity is the peaceful and Erudite are the intelligent .Every year on a special day, the sixteen year old children must decide which fraction to belong to.  Many stay with the one they grew up in but others leave to a stranger environment.  Beatrice leaves her family to try to become a Dauntless.  After going through a very tough initiation, Beatrice renames herself and begins the very hard journey into this new world.



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American Vampire by Scott Snyder, read by Brian, on 08/17/2013

American Vampire is the first in series about a new breed of vampire in America.  This breed is more cunning and vicious compared to most vampires portrayed in literature, hence, they don’t sparkle in the sunlight.  Stephen King wrote this novels with long time graphic novelist Scott Snyder.


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Batman: The City of Owls Vol. 2 by Scott Snyder, read by Brian, on 08/08/2013

City of Owls in a continuation of the Night of Owls in volume one this Batman series.  The Court of Owls have been in Gotham City from the very beginning of Gotham’s existence.  Their power is something Batman has not really seen before and by crippling Batman they have their chance to take over Gotham City by using an elite group of fighter called the Talons.  This book is fasted paced and comes very close to hitting a home run.


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Joyland by Stephan King, read by Brian, on 08/23/2013

I’ve got the Joy Joy Joy Joy down in Joyland. Where? Down in Joyland.  Stephen King has once again delivered another masterpiece of a short story.  Joyland isn’t scary or sexy but more of a mystery.  Sure there is a ghost a bad guy and a pretty lady but this story has a sweetness to it and heartache as well.  Character development is King’s greatest strength and I thank him for it.  The carnival has always been a fascination with me.  It is mysterious and creepy and even though I’m a rube, I just love the atmosphere of it.


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Wolves Unleashed by Andrew Simpson, read by Brian, on 08/16/2013

Wolves Unleashed, is a nonfiction book that takes the reader on an incredible journey into the lives of wolves.  Andrew Simpson is our guide on this journey. Andrew is an animal trainer for Hollywood and his animals have been seen in numerous films.  Besides the story, there are fascinating pictures of the wolves.  This is a must read for anyone who enjoys animals.


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Hawkeye: My Life As a Weapon Vol. 1 by Matt Fraction, read by Brian, on 08/26/2013

Who is Clint Barton?  Hawkeye, of course, the sharpshooter from the Avengers fold.  Clint doesn’t have special powers, money to build super cool toys, he just has skillz.   In this novel, Clint, with the help of ex-Young Avenger, Kate Bishop is recruited by the S.H.I.E.L.D. to intercept a package before it damages his reputation forever.  The reader is allowed into Clint’s past to see what makes him click.hawkeye

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Under the Dome by Stephen King, read by Brian, on 07/19/2013

Under the Dome takes place in Chester’s Mill, Maine, a town King uses in his novels from time to time.  The lives of the people of this small quaint town are abruptly torn apart when a giant dome falls over their town.  No way in and no way out and it’s worse if the dome came down upon you.   Like caged animals, you learn the true nature of your fellow neighbor when there is no place to hide.   How did the dome come to life?  Is it a government study or maybe aliens…man made or mass hysteria…read and find out.


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Ocean at the End of the Lane by Neil Gaiman, read by Brian, on 07/11/2013

I finished this book around the midnight hour and after I read the last page, I yelled, “More! More! More!”. Gaiman has the most vivid imagination of any writer today.  His books always makes the reader yearning for his next novel.  This book takes place Sussex, England, where the narrator, a middle aged man, tells the magical story of his youth.  We are told about a nasty nanny, dangerous bird like creatures and an unusual family who has an ocean on their farm.


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Bullet to the Head by Matz, read by Brian, on 07/01/2013

Bullet to the Head, is a graphic novel of crime and suspense.  It’s a political thriller where two cops are tracking down two killers.  The story is about revenge so it is no surprise the novel is violent.  This is not Matz’s best work but still gives you a satisfying read.


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We're Having a Kitten by Eric Swanson, read by Brian, on 06/23/2013

Eric Swanson has written a book about kittens.  He explores the history of the cat, if you should have a cat and what to expect when you are expecting a cat.   This self-help book is a good as a refresher for those who have already owned feline critters and a huge benefit for those new parents of kittens.


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Zombie Survival Guide by Max Brooks, read by Brian, on 06/04/2013

If you are a hardcore zombie fan, this book is for you.  Max Brooks wrote the popular World War Z, where the world had to fight off zombies to survive.  He takes a fiction/nonfiction look on what to do to survive such attack and the other humans still hanging around.  You learn how the living undead move and survive, the best way to fight depending on where you live, what the best weapon is to use and many more things.


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Love & Rockets New Stories #5 by Hernandez, Gilbert & Hernandez, Jaime, read by Brian, on 06/05/2013

The graphic novel series, Love & Rockets debuted thirty years ago and the stories are just as fresh today as they were back then. The stories are engaging, thrilling, sexy, fun and usually all at the same time. If you haven’t read any of these stories, highly recommend you do so soon.


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Fall of Night by Rachel Caine, read by Brian, on 06/04/2013

Fall of Night is the fourteenth book in the Morganville Vampire series.  This is the first book that takes place out of Morganville.  Why? Morganville is ruled by vampires and no one leaves Morganville without permission from the vamps.  Claire the main character of the story is has permission to leave and attend college at MIT.  Claire will be working with a professor and former resident of Morganville to a machine that can slow down a vampires attack.  Most of the main characters are back for a thrill ride that doesn’t stop until the last page.


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Beautiful Creatures by Kami Garcia, read by Brian, on 06/03/2013

Beautiful Creatures is an award winning teen book that has been made into a major motion picture. Lena Duchannes moves to the small town of Gatlin to live her uncle.  Lena is special, she has powers and she is trying hard to control her powers.  You see, Lena is 15 and when she becomes 16 she will be “claimed” for either the side of good or the side of bad.  Ethan Wate is a6304335 lifer in Gatlin and wants to do nothing else but to move far far way from his home town.  Ethan has dreams every night of girl and when he meets Lena he realizes she is that girl.  This is a love story which has good characters, fantasy and a cool library.


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House of Mystery Vol 7 Conception by Matthew Sturges, read by Brian, on 06/02/2013

House of Mystery: Conception, is vol 7 of an 8 part series.  I have not read any of the other graphic novels in the series, so the story was a little confusing. The series centers around a house and it’s different interior styles which throws the inhabitants into mysteries.  Along with a main story and several side stories.


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Apocaylpse Cow by Michael Logan, read by Brian, on 06/01/2013

Do you want to stop eating meat?  Read Apocalypse Cow and your meat eating days will be in the past.  The setting starts out at a slaughter house outside of Great Britain.  A cow dies and then comes back to life to attack the owner of the establishment.  Without warning all the cows start attacking the humans.  A special group of men are sent  to take care of the problem.  The only issue, a cow gets away starting and an epidemic of animals turning into zombies begins.  This book could have been called, “Revenge of the Animals”, as the human population [Great Britain area] starts to head towards extinction.


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Phenomenal Woman by Maya Angelou, read by Brian, on 04/29/2013

Four of Maya Angelou’s greatest poems about woman and life are put into one book.  Celebration is one her finest gifts.


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Brave and Startling Truth by Maya Angelou, read by Brian, on 04/29/2013

Maya Angelou is one of the world’s greatest poets. Brave and Startling Truth is one of her most inspiring books of poetry.  Highly recommended.