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100 Things Kansas Fans Should Know & Do Before They Die by Ken Davis, 307 pages, read by Brian, on 10/08/2014

heedAnother book about Jayhawk basketball and the rich tradition of the program.  Pay Heed To All That Enter the Phog, Allen Fieldhouse, home of the Jayhawks.  A must read for any Jayhawk fan.


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What it Means to be a Jayhawk by Jeff Bollig, 240 pages, read by Brian, on 10/09/2014

jayhawkJeff goes into each decade talks about the important facts in Jayhawk sports.  Very fun and interesting read.  Rock Chalk.


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Beyond the Phog by Jason King, 392 pages, read by Brian, on 10/03/2014

phogJason King has written a book about Jayhawk Nation what is very interesting he talks with with players and coaches and the transition from Roy Williams to Bill Self.  He covers the important issues of the time and gets the responses from all angles.


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Tiger, Meet My Sister by Rick Reilly, 368 pages, read by Brian, on 07/24/2014

reillyRick Reilly is a sports writer who is very funny.  His writings are so good, people who hate sports loves his books.  Tiger, Meet My Sister, Reilly compiles his best writings from ESPN for past five years.  I enjoy Rick because he doesn’t hold back.  He even has list of the nasty people he has interviewed.  Enjoyable read.


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Bloody Confused by Chuck Culpepper, 272 pages, read by Tracy, on 09/29/2013

Chuck Culpepper was a veteran sports journalist edging toward burnout . . . then he went to London and discovered the high-octane, fanatical (and bloody confusing!) world of English soccer.

After covering the American sports scene for fifteen years, Chuck Culpepper suffered from a profound case of Common Sportswriter Malaise. He was fed up with self-righteous proclamations, steroid scandals, and the deluge of in-your-face PR that saturated the NFL, the NBA, and MLB. Then in 2006, he moved to London and discovered a new and baffling world—the renowned Premiership soccer league. Culpepper pledged his loyalty to Portsmouth, a gutsy, small-market team at the bottom of the standings. As he puts it, “It was like childhood, with beer.”

Writing in the vein of perennial bestsellers such as Fever Pitch andAmong the Thugs, Chuck Culpepper brings penetrating insight to the vibrant landscape of English soccer—visiting such storied franchises as Manchester United, Chelsea, and Liverpool . . . and an equally celebrated assortment of pubs. Bloody Confused! will put a smile on the face of any sports fan who has ever questioned what makes us love sports in the first place.

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I Cannot Except Not Trying by Michael Jordan, 36 pages, read by Brian, on 03/01/2012

There are very many books about Michael Jordan, he has written a few too. I Can’t Accept Not Trying is an inspirational book of Jordan’s wisdom he has learned playing collegiate and professional sports. This is a book you carry on your bookshelf and when times are tough, you take it, read it and be inspired by it.