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Anton and Cecil: Cats at Sea by Lisa Martin, Valerie Martin, read by Angie, on 03/02/2014

Anton and Cecil are brother cats living in a harbor by the sea. Anton is a quiet cat who likes to listen to the sailors sing. Cecil is an adventurous cat who likes to go out on the day trips with the sailors. One day Anton is impressed into service on one of the ships and Cecil jumps on another ship to try and find him. They both have a lot of adventures on the high seas featuring rats and pirates and marooning. This is a fun romp on the high seas. I think kids will really like this tale, especially if they like animal adventure stories. I liked the distinct personalities of the two cats. I also enjoyed the slightly paranormal bit about the cat eye in the sky and the whale.

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Garfield Gets in a Pickle: His 54th Book by Jim Davis, read by Tammy, on 10/16/2012


Garfield, the furry desperado, is at large again in this most-wanted new collection of comics. Whether he’s getting in a pickle or a jam, when it comes to trouble, the fat cat is always a glutton for punishment!

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What the Cat Dragged In by Gilbert Morris, read by Tammy, on 12/07/2013

What the cat dragged inA clean mystery story that happens to have cats in it. Jacques does point the way to an important clue to solve the murder, but most of the story is spent setting up the characters and the location. This is the first in a trilogy so I’m hoping the next story moves faster.


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The Cats Pajamas by Gilbert Morris, read by Tammy, on 12/22/2013

cats pajamasSecond book in the Jacques and Cleo mystery series. The cats are hired to “star” in a movie being made down the beach from where they live. Kate and Jake take the cats over to film and discover that the star of the movie, Avis is an old flame of Jake’s. When one of the young starlets is found dead, Jake is asked to assist the local police with the investigation. Can Jake find the clue to keep all of them safe from the murderer? Will he and Avis get back together? 

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Does this Collar make my Butt Look Big? A Diet Book for Cats by Dena Harris, read by Tammy, on 12/14/2013

cat humorA humorous look at several of the current popular diets from the view point of a housecat. Tongue in cheek diet and cat humor.

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Chi's Sweet Home, Volume 1 by Kanata Konami, read by Angie, on 01/20/2013

chis sweet home 1I love cats and can’t imagine my life without my kitty. Chi’s Sweet Home shows what happens when a kitten appears in your life. It accurately portrays how a kitten behaves and how its humans’s lives change because of having a cat. I loved it! I think the drawings are wonderful and truly tell the story. I love that the book is told from the point of view of the cat, who is just precious. I think this is a wonderful graphic book for kids and I can see why the series is popular.

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The Unadulterated Cat by Terry Pratchett, read by Tammy, on 10/24/2012

Author of the Discworld series Terry Pratchett writes about cats and how to tell if your pet or neighborhood cat is a “real” cat. He humorously writes a history of cats, tips on how to relate to cats and why a “real” cat is the best kind of cat to have a round. With humorous illustrations by Gray Jolliff.

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The Life and Love of Cats by Lewis Blackwell , read by Tammy, on 10/13/2012

Coffee table book with huge beautiful photos of cats and kittens including close ups of eyes, tails, noses etc., whatever will relate to the writing on the accompanying page. The history of cats from recorded history forward is discussed and all sorts of writing and thoughts about cats and living with cats.

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The Cat's Pajamas: 101 of the World's Cutest Cats by Rachael Hale, read by Tammy, on 10/12/2012

A beautiful collection of photographs of all different kinds of cats and kittens with short descriptions of the history of the breed including more recent American cat breeds. Also has quotes about cats and cat-owners and of course photos of cats in cute poses.

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ZooBorns Cats! by Andrew Bleiman, read by Brian, on 09/10/2012

Do you like cats?  I mean all type of cats? This is the cutest book in the World displaying cats born in zoos around the World.  There are tons of pictures of cats with all the biographical information and general details about the cat.

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Cats with Attitude by Nicole Hollander, read by Tammy, on 04/14/2012

This book is a compliation of 2 comic and joke collections: My Cat is Not Fat, He’s just Big Boned and Everything Here is Mine. Not as funny as I’d hoped. There were a few pages I laughed out loud on and shared with my husband since he has the joy of sharing our home with 3 indoor cats too. But a lot of it seemed to repeat the same joke in a slightly different way.

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Crafting with cat hair : cute handicrafts to make with your cat by Tsutaya, Kaori , read by Kira, on 03/09/2012

Loved the little cat puppets.  I suspect my short-haired cats fur would be difficult to work with.  Its interesting to note that most of the projects used felt as a background for felting a picture on top of.