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Castle of Shadows by Ellen Renner, 390 pages, read by Angie, on 01/27/2013

The queen has disappeared and the king has gone mad. They have left Princess Charlie at the mercies of her cruel staff. Mrs. Odair the housekeeper has kept Charlie a virtual prisoner in the castle. The people seem to have forgotten she even existed. The Prime Minister Windlass is running the country into the ground. Charlie, with the help of a few friends, decides she must find out what happened to her mother. She becomes aware of what is going on outside the castle walls and starts helping the Resistance fight against Windlass.

This book had a lot of promise and it really isn’t that bad, but there are plot holes galore and some very convoluted story lines. Charlie is an interesting character and pretty believable. It is those around her that are a little harder to swallow. I can’t believe the queen would run off leaving her husband and child instead of just getting rid of the prime minister. I can’t believe the populace would forget all about the princess. I can’t believe the cruelty of Mrs. Odair and the strange twist her story took at the end.¬†Charlie’s friend Toby’s story line isn’t much better. He is pretty interesting up until the mystery of who is father is is revealed and then you are just shaking your head. I can’t believe how this one ended. Too perfect to be believable. There are much better young princess stories out there. Tuesdays at the Castle by Jessica George is a wonderful read and much better than this mess.

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