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Canary in the Coal Mine by Madelyn Rosenberg, 140 pages, read by Angie, on 10/21/2013

Bitty is a miner; he is a canary that goes into the mine to check that the air is good. He lives in a big cage with a bunch of other canaries. Life is hard in the mines; miners and canaries die and no one seems to be doing anything about it. Bitty decides he needs to go to Charleston and get the legislature involved. He escapes and makes his way to the big city. He meets lots of different birds and animals and gets them all behind him and his cause. He even brings together an inventor and a legislator to help the mines.

I think the story is fairly decent here, but it just seemed too easy to perfect to me. Bitty somehow manages to communicate with people and bring them around to his cause. Everything ends up happily ever after at the mines. Sure there is a little bit of danger and a little bit of adventure, but you always knew nothing truly bad was going to happen. I think my biggest gripe is with the book itself. It is a small book, perfect size for kids; however, the type is very small and there is hardly any white space on the pages. Most children’s books have a larger type and lots of space. This book looks like something that was printed 50 years ago when they didn’t want to waste paper. It made it a little more difficult to read and made it seem like a denser book than it really was.

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